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Synergy represented at TEDx!

Our COO Tasneem represented Synergy at TEDxNorthSouthUniversity!


Using Artificial Intelligence for Empowerment

Can advanced deep learning neural networks be the designer of the future. Find out more about out (prototype) in-house AI designer, aiXai.


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Synergy is an ethical fashion brand based in Bangladesh-dedicated towards the improvement of the lives of marginalized seamstresses and tailors living in the slums of Dhaka. Synergy connects these marginalized seamstresses with the global market of ethical fashion through the eCommerce based platform.  This connectivity brings marginalized women working under the Synergy network-a broader and GLOBAL visibility.
As a social enterprise we envision to 'at least' double the income of marginalized women who currently earn less than $2-4 a day through indecent jobs that threaten their freedom, dignity and often their lives. We are focused in the mission to empower these women by bringing them the authority to make choices about their working hours, contribution and income. We pledge to provide these women with a better living standard through fair production and ethical sourcing of fashion and apparel products from them. In Synergy, these marginalized women are represented and involved in different spheres of our value chain. 
Our social enterprise is not only one of the pioneering fashion brands in Bangladesh that has introduced and promoted the concept of ethical fashion among mass audience, but also a globally recognized enterprise for contributing towards the fufilment of Sustainable Development Goals-8, 12 and 1.
We have made a simple choice in life to follow ethics in fashion, we hope you join us in the journey to make that choice as well!


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September 10, 2017

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April 10, 2017

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December 19, 2016

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Our Empowerment Projects



Bhashantek is a crowded urban slum near the military base of Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are nearly 10,000 micro entrepreneurs doing small businesses out of them 50% are tailors/seamstresses. All of them live under an average of $3/day,either out of their micro-businesses or by working in sweatshops in poor working conditions. We aspire to bring them under the Synergy network and change their lives through social and economic inclusion which is now possible only on this platform! Make a click and change thousands of lives.


Near Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh we discovered a slum where people with immense artistic talents and valuable skills were suffering with poverty and lack of formalization. Countless discriminatory, infrastructure and legal barriers only makes it worse, every day! Over 2500 tailors working in that slum were struggling because of their limited market scope within their informal economy driving into a poor income of barely $2.8/day. We encouraged the micro-entrepreneurs of Bauniabaad to take a step forward and join our training programs. Because of their enormous talents and indomitable courage, they are now highly skilled seamstresses working for number of New York based fashion brands! It's time for you to take one step forward to empower thousands of lives who are ready to add value to your every single designs!

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