About Us

Synergy Global.co is originated in the developing country-Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the second largest exporter of fashion products to international fashion brands around the world. On the other hand, this is also a country where millions of skilled  labor working in the fashion industry are victims of MODERN DAY SLAVERY as they work for countless hours for criminally low wage. They suffer living in the poorest conditions in the marginalized communities of slums, INVISIBLE to the society and to the world at large.

Synergy Global.co challenged these issues and came as a solution. Synergy, the team of social entrepreneurs came up with a platform that connects the growing ethical fashion industry around the world to the skilled marginalized seamstresses living in the bottom of the pyramid who can add tremendous value to the ethical fashion industry and thus earn a better living through fair production in decent working conditions.

We are an ethical fashion brand based in Bangladesh-dedicated towards the improvement of the lives of marginalized seamstresses and tailors living in the slums of Dhaka. Synergy connects these marginalized seamstresses with the global market of ethical fashion through the eCommerce based platform.  This connectivity brings marginalized women working under the Synergy network-a broader and GLOBAL visibility.

VISION: As a social enterprise we envision to 'at least' double the income of marginalized women who currently earn less than $2-4 a day through indecent jobs that threaten their freedom, dignity and often their lives.

MISSION: We are focused in the mission to empower marginalized women by bringing them the authority to make choices about their working hours, contribution and income.

OBJECTIVE: We pledge to provide marginalized women in our network with a better living standard through fair production and ethical sourcing of fashion and apparel products from them.

In Synergy, these marginalized women are represented and involved in different spheres of our value chain. 

Our social enterprise is not only one of the pioneering fashion brands in Bangladesh that has introduced and promoted the concept of ethical fashion among mass audience, but also a globally recognized enterprise for contributing towards the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals-8, 12 and 1.

We have made a simple choice in life to follow ethics in fashion, we hope you join us in the journey to make that choice as well!


Synergy Global co


66 Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh