Step 1: You Submit a Design

Tell us your idea!

If you are a designer or fashion brand interested to source ethically manufactured fashion products and apparels, we would love to hear your idea!

Submit your designs via our website and place your order. Any additional information will allow us to be more efficient. It would be great to see any inspirational photographs. If you already have a sample of your design, we'd love to use that as a reference. As you share with us, include measurements, sizes you will want and also expected fabrics and colors. Be as much detailed as possible. The better we understand your design the more value we can add to your products!

Don't forget to mention your desired quantity of products. We'll soon get in touch with you after receiving the order.

Step 2: We Source and Confirm

We make sure our Synergy is a good fit!

After reviewing your designs and ensuring that we have the capacity and capability to manufacture for you, we will work with you to identify the best fabric options. Fabric sourcing tend to be one of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing process. However, our roots in Bangladesh gives us an edge here with connection to the greatest of fabric sources either produced in our own country or from our neighboring country India. When you approve a fabric, we will give you a rough price range for manufacturing. An accurate price will be calculated after samples are sewn and timed. After that you'll have to make 50% payments in order to confirm the pre-order.

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Step 3: We Will Send You a Sample

We make sure we have understood you perfectly.

In next step we will create a production sample and send it to you. Often we will sew an initial test sample and send you pictures to make sure we’re on the right track before mailing you the physical sample. We will usually make samples in your medium size.

In a perfect world, you will love the first sample and we’ll move on to production. But life isn’t always perfect, so we have built in one round of adjustments free of charge.

After you approve the sample and place the order we will start grading. We will grade the pattern to the scale you provide.

During the sampling process we will calculate a more exact quote for production. This quote will include our $25-$50 pattern making fee (determined by the complexity of the design), the prices of the input materials and the production time required. If the item is to be graded into various sizes, we will charge an additional fee on pattern piece per size. Additional salesmen samples are optional and will cost two times the estimated production price. Note that the size of the order will affect the quote as well – the larger the order, the lower the cost of production.

Step 4: You Approve the Design

Time for a deal!

When you approve the sample and are ready to move into production, we ask for a down payment of 50% to confirm your order. Usually production will begin about 2-8 weeks after approval, depending on the availability of our production line and the time required to source fabrics and other inputs

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Step 5: Production Begins

We get to work!

Our team will begin to manufacture your items at their ease and facilities. We will grade your pattern into the sizes you need and then cut, sew, label, tag, screen print, embroider, trim, and package your items.

We conduct rigorous quality control checking throughout the manufacturing process to ensure we maintain a consistent standard of excellence.

Production times will depend on the complexity of the style.

Step 6: We Package and Ship

You pay and we ship.

Once production is nearly complete, we will send you a final invoice. You can pay via wire transfer or credit card. Note that you will be responsible for the wire transfer fees or the 3.75% credit card fee.

If you pay in advance, and find product defects that are due to fault on our end (such as cutting or sewing errors) we will reimburse you for the cost of the defective items.

We will work with you to identify which shipping company best meets your speed and price needs. Air shipments from Bangladesh to North America and Europe usually arrive within 4-15 days. You will be responsible for any import duties in your country, but shipping fees are included in your final invoice.


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