The Team

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Mirza Tanzim Sami

Chief Executive Officer

Mirza Tanzim Sami is the CEO and co-founder of Synergy He plays the role of key decision making as well as handles proper and efficient execution of every decision made to impact marginalized lives by adding greater value to the ethical fashion industry.

As a social entrepreneur he has seen the lives of the marginalized people from their very own viewpoint. His practical knowledge in the fields while working in the slums of Dhaka brought him the inspiration and courage to do something meaningful to change the lives of millions of people living in the bottom of the pyramid.

Upon Synergy's recognition as one of the top 5 social startups in the world by the HULTPrize foundation in 2016, Mirza was invited to join in a two months accelerator program inBoston and represented the startup in companies like Google, H&M Global Change Awards etc.

Mirza has an academic background of Computer Science whereby his research work and publications are focused on ArtificiaI Intelligence and machine
learning. By incorporating the knowledge of computer science's networking concept, he developed the HUB network of Synergy that would cater to solving the mobility issue of crowded urban spaces and make it easier for the entrepreneurs to work within their comfort zone at their own house.

He is also a serial entrepreneur; the co-founder and CEO of 'aiXai' which is a synthetic data marketplace for AI based startups.  He has also led another ML project called ‘recruitAIr’. His research expertise is in Deep
Learning, Deep Generative models and Convolutional Neural Networks.

His leadership
experience, skills, technical background of academics and entrepreneurial zeal reflect his execution and decision making capacities. All of these make him an asset for the
team and the most appropriate person to lead Synergy

Tasneem Omar Ava

Chief Operations Officer

Tasneem Omar Ava is the Co-founder and COO of this social enterprise. She takes active part in the decision making process. She is also involved in the overall management and operations of the business model on field. Additionally, Tasneem is responsible for managing external relationships and international partnerships with UK based fashion brands. Most importantly, she oversees the operations of the implementation partners on the ground so that Synergy can provide utmost value to the beneficiaries as well as to the customers they are serving.

Tasneem has been a key strategic manager for Synegy since the inception of the startup to representing it as one of the top five social startups in the world at HULT Prize Foundation in 2016.

She is an activist for ethical fashion as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She is actively promoting the idea of Sustainable and Ethical fashion through platforms like TEDx to educate youth around the world about the significance of fashion revolution. Her dedication and contributions towards achieving SDG-8, SDG-12 and SDG-1 through Synergy has brought her the coveted acknowledgement of being one of the 16 'Young Leaders for Development' in the world for the European Development Days-2017, by the European Commission DG-DEVCO whereby she’s given voice to youth as a high level panelist alongside professor Muhammad Yunus, Professor Jeffrey Sachs and the like. She has also represented Synergy as one of the 39 International Delegates of the Yenching Social Innovation Forum-2017 held in Peking University. Thereby, Synergy won the 'Most Innovative Idea' award as a Dynamic Solution towards Sustainability. Furthermore, Tasneem had been invited by the HRH Duke of York to represent Synergy as the Commonwealth entrepreneur from Bangladesh, at Pitch@Palace Commonwealth held in Buckingham Palace, St. James's Palace and Facebook UK HQ. There, Synergy was recognized as one f the top 12 startups in the Commonwealth arena by the HRH Duke f York and Synergy also raised 1000 Pounds from Facebook UK.

Tasneem studied Bachelors of Business Administration with specialization in HR and Finance and her business knowledge brings extra edge to the team as it is incorporated with the knowledge of science. Her expertise however, is focused on her passion work for sustainability. As a sustainability professional she has also served the department of Sustainability of Grameenphone Ltd.-the largest Telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. She has also conducted research in the efficacy of supply chain sustainability initiatives by the company.

Alongside Tasneem's knowledge and skills, her expertise, dedication and passion towards the sustainability of fashion, the empowerment of marginalized women and creation of opportunities for decent jobs through ensuring sustainable consumption and production of fashion-make her an asset for Synergy


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