When We Met Our Entrepreneurs

January 20, 2016


On December 2015, Synergy paid a visit to a nearby slum- Bhashantek, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We were astounded to see that despite having high quality artisan skills, how thousands of micro-entrepreneurs were locked within their informal economy zone simply because of the lack of an interface that will make them VISIBLE to the formal world. We realized how socioeconomic inclusion could change their lives and the only way to do so was by simply connecting them to the global market and making them visible to the world! We came up with the idea of an e-commerce platform that would connect these entrepreneurs to the global market of growing ethical fashion industry that demand an established value chain network for ethical manufacturing of products. Where these skilled entrepreneurs could make a difference by ADDING VALUE by better manufacturing the products ethically through our HUB network setup in the slums.

Thereby, we harness the power of the growing sustainable and ethical fashion industry as a vehicle for changing lives of the marginalized people in a positive way.



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