Meet Zulekha

May 29, 2016

Zulekha is one of the aspiring entrepreneurs working in the Synergy network of entrepreneurs. When we first met her, she was running her own small business of tailoring that lacked an established value chain network as well as was limited to a small market zone for sales within the informal economy. Her business would bring her $2.4 a day that was simply NOT enough to feed three of her children.


Synergy figured out she needs some advanced training on the business know-how as well as training to develop her skills that could have been of great value to the growing sustainable fashion brands around the world.

Zulekha took a courageous step to make her life better with the help and support of Synergy and took training to better prepare herself for the global market. And this one big step changed her life.



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December 19, 2016

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