Ethical Employment

Businesses have the potential to empower and transform the society into a better place. It has an advantage of directly contributing to their employees' holistic well being and growth. Thereby, an ethical social business makes it even simpler to create a sustainable community that is self sufficient and empowered in the bottom of the pyramid. We've synergized to create a company where people find wholeness coupled with BELONGINGNESS and which motivates them to make positive changes, not just individually, but also in their community. After all, "Synergy" means collaboration and we know, making a bigger impact is only possible when we act together for a better world!

We believe ethical employment is not just about fair wages. It should speak the language of freedom, empowerment and fairness from every aspects. we have a work environment free of discrimination, where people are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, race, religion or caste. We are committed to fostering and maintaining a safe and dignified work place; creating an atmosphere where employees have a voice; and working toward the continuous growth of each person.

Synergy is constantly seeking to do more for the employees. At this time, we offer the following benefits:

As we create ethical employment opportunities, we are already certified by the government of Bangladesh. However, we are also working on making our company certified by WRAP, an internationally recognized social compliance organization. Social compliance certification indicates that we are independently audited to ensure we meet or exceed local labor laws; prohibit forced labor and child labor; prevent discrimination, harassment, and abuse; offer fair compensation; create a safe workplace; allow workers freedom of association and collective bargaining; follow environmentally-conscious practices; and adhere to applicable international export customs and security regulations. This process requires more than a year of observation. We are committed to starting out right from the beginning.


Continuing learning opportunities: eg. literacy classes, English language training, and personal finance training

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